10 Simple Ideas to Celebrate World Kindness Day

We have all experienced some sort of unexpected act of kindness, whether it is someone acknowledging our work ethic, admiring our positive attitude, or complimenting our favorite outfit. Remember how good that felt? The positivity from that moment seems to ripple on throughout the day, making it an even brighter 24 hours. Strategic Consulting knows how important it is to spread kindness, and we encourage you to do the same by celebrating these 10 simple ideas with us.

Send Out Handwritten Letters

With the holidays around the corner, it is the perfect time to show your appreciation and how grateful you are for close friends and family. Many studies support the association between gratitude and overall well-being which is all the more reason to start writing your words of gratitude. Just a few meaningful sentences on a fun card will go a long way with your loved ones.

Volunteer at a Nursing Home

Dedicating just one day to making someone smile will be a day you both remember forever. During the holiday season, many seniors are cooped up in the nursing home. Consider volunteering or even sending gifts such as puzzles or crafting supplies to aging family members (or strangers) who have to stay inside this holiday season. Who knows, it may even turn into a holiday tradition.

Sit Next to Someone (with Face Masks)

Often times, especially during the holidays, seeing someone eating alone can tug at our heart strings. Make an effort to notice this at the next restaurant you visit. You could even visit a nursing home café or a relative at their elementary school and sit with a child who may have trouble making friends.

Praise a Service Worker

Whether it is a bus driver, a custodian, or your child's lunch staff at school-- be sure to give thanks to these often overlooked yet very important jobs. A little gift basket, flowers, or a thank-you card will spread kindness so far everyone will feel it.

Write Anonymous, Positive Messages

Head to the local library, a public restroom, or your work with a marker and sticky note. Write fun, inspiring messages on the note and place them where someone might stumble upon it unexpectedly. It may just be the positive sign they have been waiting for.

Make a Phone Call

It is expected to have people reach out to one another on birthdays or other special occasions-- instead, make a phone call to a loved one simply out of the blue. Let them know you have been thinking about them and how happy you are to have them in your life. It is these unexpected moments that make an act of kindness even more special.

Put Together a Care Kit

As the weather turns cold and the holidays roll around, many people become even more in need of simple self-care items. Reach out to your local homeless shelter, women's shelter, or schools who may have children in need. These kits can consist of toiletry items, hygienic items, glove, hats, and school supplies.

Bring a Coffee to Someone

Think of people who greet you every day, whether it's the doorman in your apartment building or local transportation driver. Bringing them a hot cup of Joe will surprise them with a happy greeting of their own.

Keep Social Media Positive

Social media posts can sometimes steer towards the negative side. Dedicate a full day to spreading words of wisdom, affirmations, and loving messages to your followers. This goes hand-in-hand with the correlation between gratefulness and well-being for both the person giving and receiving the message.

Pick Up Litter

Taking care of the Earth is an act of kindness we all tend to overlook. Local parks, bus stops, or even your own neighborhood could always use some sprucing up. The next time you go outside take a bag with you to clean up any litter you find. Mother nature and your neighbors will appreciate this gesture.

Remember to only do things that bring you joy, and steer clear from negative people or situations. It is easy to get caught up in dark news cycles or financial situations that weigh heavy on our shoulders

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