5 Best Meal Kits for Thanksgiving Dinner

If you're like many American families, your Thanksgiving menu features all the holiday classics: turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, gravy, stuffing, casseroles, and pies. It's amazing how much food you all tuck away in the short duration you actually spend eating. Most of the time is spent cooking the multi-course feast and chit-chatting till your voices give out.

Order Thanksgiving Dinner Online and Save Yourself the Hassle

Whether you're keeping your menus simple or you're getting inventive with new recipes, you'll be overwhelmed by all the work that goes into preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Perhaps the smartest way to save precious time and energy is to order your Thanksgiving dinner online.

Thanks to the internet, you can get all the holiday classics delivered right to your doorstep. Besides saving you time and energy, ordering a meal kit helps you to stay safe, as you won't have to travel or queue at the crowded grocery store. The following are the five best Thanksgiving meal kit providers that will help take the stress out of holiday cooking:

1. HelloFresh

HelloFresh is the largest meal-kit provider in the United States. There are two kits to choose from. The first one comes with a turkey that's big enough for up to ten people, while the second one comes with tantalizing beef tenderloin, which is enough for up to six people. Both boxes come with four sides, gravy, and dessert.

2. Porter Road

If you love meat, Porter Road is one of the food delivery providers you should try this Thanksgiving holiday. This Nashville-based butcher shop delivers a variety of mouth-watering meats to ensure that everyone finds what they like. For Thanksgiving, they are offering a turkey box that comes with one large turkey accompanied by a variety of side dishes.

3. Blue Apron

Whether you're a fan of turkey or you prefer something else, this meal kit provider will ensure that you have what you need to put together tantalizing dishes for the holiday. They will also deliver a box full of proportioned ingredients at a very affordable price. Their Thanksgiving package comes with a roasted turkey breast accompanied by five sides and dessert. If you're planning to host less than eight guests, this meal kit will come in handy.

4. Southside Market & Barbecue

Founded in 1882, Southside Market & Barbecue is the oldest BBQ joint in Texas. Unlike many other joints that only deliver food to select parts of the country, this joint delivers to all parts of the country. They give customers the option to order just the breast or a full turkey.

5. Bistro MD

For those on a weight-loss journey, Bistro MD is the place to call. This subscription service gives customers a variety of ready-to-eat meals to choose from. Their meals are nutritionally balanced, so you will not have to worry about taking more calories than your body needs.

If spending a whole day prepping a full Thanksgiving meal sounds like too much work, the above meal kit providers will have you covered. Note that some providers require customers to sign up for a subscription in order to access their Thanksgiving offerings.

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