5 Free Workout Apps to Make You Healthier and Stress-Free

Financial stress not only impacts your ability to think clearly and come up with a plan of action, but it can also take a toll on your physical health as well. While it is important to get your finances in order, it is also just as important to ensure you are meeting your health and fitness goals. A good workout will get the endorphins pumping, which will make you feel good and be ready to conquer the world, to include coming up with a plan to tackle your debt and work out your budget.

Getting healthy does not need to mean spending money on expensive gym memberships and training sessions, here are five of the best free workout apps you can try out at home:

Nike Training Club

Available on both Android and iOS, Nike Training Club can help you meet all of your health and fitness goals with one simple app. Nike Training Club is free to download on your smartphone and features an extensive library with more than 100 fitness and training videos. Not only can you participate in fitness classes, but the app also allows you to track your workout goals and receive value nutrition advice.

Map My Fitness by Under Armor

With Map My Fitness by Under Armor, you can complete an intense workout in the comfort of your home or take your workout routine outside in nature. This interactive app is connected to GPS so you can track walking, running, and hiking routes and keep a log of your activity and calories burned. The Map My Fitness by Under Armor app comes complete with a set of workout routines as well as nutrition and wellness resources.

Daily Yoga

If your stress levels have led you to experience achy, tight muscles, the Daily Yoga app, available on Android and iOS offers several video-led yoga exercises you can do anywhere you are able to roll out a mat. Yoga is ideal for those who are looking for more energy, flexibility, and muscle tone, and can be completed by anyone at just about any fitness level. Yoga is a relaxed exercise that will melt all your stress away.

7- Minute Workout

For those who want to work out but are short on time, try 7-Minute Workout by Johnson & Johnson. This app offers hundreds of short exercises that take seven minutes or less to do so you can squeeze in a workout when you have some spare time. This app also has Smart Workout, which keeps track of your activity level and can provide motivation when needed.


Explore the great outdoors and reap all the health benefits that Mother Nature has to offer with the help of the AllTrails app. Not only can you keep track of your hiking workouts, but you can discover new trails and new adventures, thanks to this app's interactive maps. Being out in nature is perhaps the best source of stress relief and provides you with the opportunity to get away from it all, if only just for a little while.

At Strategic Consulting, we understand that navigating your finances in uncertain times can be highly stressful, and we are here to help you come up with a plan that works for your budget so you can focus more of your energy on staying healthy and doing what you enjoy. Try out some of these workout apps and leave the number crunching to us!

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