5 Successful Women Financial Influencers You Should Follow

We have many empowering women today to look up to and get financial advice from. Now more than ever we are seeing people supporting small businesses, buying from their favorite Instagram influencers, and overall supporting women-owned businesses. Along with those amazing women are women who are experts in helping you achieve your financial goals. You can read their blogs and get pages of useful information that has helped many people. Here are some of the most inspiring women financial influencers that you should follow!

Victoria Devine - She's On The Money

Victoria is a great influencer to follow if you are interested in saving for your future and reaching your financial goals. She has great information on how to buy your first home or invest your money. It is so crucial to fully understand mortgages and what really you need to know prior to purchasing a home. On her blog, you are welcomed with a ton of free advice, but if you want to invest a little, she has a masterclass for financial success. Devine also has Australia's number one money podcast! If you have any questions, you can send them to her on her website.

Kate - Living That Debt Free Life

In 2018 Kate and her husband together paid off 68K of debt. On Kate's blog, you can find articles about how to begin your journey to a debt-free life, a great budgeting routine, and things like frugal and fun fall activities. You can shop her really cute monthly budget templates and debt payments templates, who doesn't love fun ways to get organized? A resource library is also available on her website that is free to join! Living That Debt Free Life offers valuable information and opportunity for others to change their lives.

Dasha Kennedy - The Broke Black Girl

In November 2017 Dasha launched a Facebook group post called The Broke Black Girl where she told others about her financial struggles and what she is learning throughout her journey. By the first year, over 60,000 women had joined her group and were looking to her for advice. Dasha is motivating others by being her true, honest self and open about how she turned her finances completely around. Ebooks are for sale on her website to get access to exclusive content.

Kara Stevens - The Frugal Feminista

If you are looking for guidance on how to pay down debt quickly, how to pay down your credit cards, or how to grow your savings, then this is your girl. She has been featured in Forbes, TIME, Women's Health, Black Enterprise, The Washington Post, and HuffPost. On her blog, you can enroll in her courses to learn how to become wealthy. Kara is helping thousands of people get their finances in order and work their way to financial freedom. You can read some success stories here. Considering that Stevens makes six figures, I recommend checking her out on Instagram and her blog to get some of the best tips and tricks to build your relationship with money.

Amanda Kolbye - Business Coach

Ms. Kolbye is an incredibly successful woman who helps other entrepreneurs build their online businesses. If you want to start making serious money online whether it is through a blog, website, podcast, this is your girl to turn to. Amanda was able to make 5k her first week launching her graphic and web design packages without even a portfolio. On her website, you will find courses and programs that guide you through everything from the start of your business to how to hit that six-figure goal.

These are just a few of many powerful and intelligent women financial influencers to follow. If you are looking to elevate your income and get advice and inspiration, check out these ladies for a great start. No matter what your financial situation is, there are tools and help for you! We have access to so much knowledge and materials through social media and the internet, we just have to find it and apply it!

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