6 of the Best Activities To Do With Mom This Mother's Day

The Importance of Mother's Day

This is the day we honor the mothers in our lives who have made us into the people we are. Their unconditional love and the home they made for us are the backbones of the people we become adults. Spending money on your mother on Mother's Day to buy her something nice is thoughtful, and for several suggestions on this list, necessary. Still, the time you spend together will always end up being more valuable than the money you spent. Here are some great suggestions for activities to do with your mom this Mother's Day.

1. Garden

In some United States regions, Mother's Day is the green light to begin gardening at full speed. While it's too late to start seedlings for spring planting, depending USDA garden zone your mother lives in, the perfect time to start a garden could be right now. If your mother is a gardener, she might enjoy having an extra set of hands and company as she prepares her garden for summer.

2. Get Outdoors

Getting outdoors can mean many things, hiking, camping, bird watching, driving through the mountains with the windows down with no particular destination. There is practically no limit to how we can get more nature in our life. Reap the numerous health benefits of being outside by doing an outdoor activity your mother will love.

3. Have An Evening In

Maybe your mother isn't the outdoorsy type and would never be found in the garden or on a trail. Creating a memorable evening can be a simple as bringing over flowers and cake and playing her favorite board game if that's how your mom has fun. Or maybe there's a movie she's been trying to get you to watch for a long time. Think of how your mother would love to spend her time.

4. Cook Her a Meal

If you're the kind of person who loves to cook, consider sharing this love with your mother. For upwards of eighteen years, she cooked food for you and shaped the way you eat for the rest of your life. Cooking a special meal for your mother- like her favorite food or that one dish that reminds you of her whenever you have it- can be a quiet way to return the love and care she has given you throughout your life.

5. Exercise or Play a Sport Together

If your mother likes to exercise or play a sport or is trying to establish the habit, doing it with her will make it more fun. Struggling together toward a common goal, or competing in a friendly game of something like tennis, is also a bonding experience that will leave them both of you feeling closer to each other after conquering your workout, whether it's a run, swimming, weightlifting, etc.,

6. Visit a Museum or Art Gallery 

Maybe your mother enjoys art and quiet thought. Visiting a museum or gallery specializing in her interests or generally inspires wonder can be a memorable way for you to spend time with your mother.

Think hard about what will make your mother happy. However, you choose to celebrate and honor your mom this Mother's Day, try to spend quality time with her, and you will enjoy the time you get together.

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