6 Popular Money Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you want to reset your finances, it's important that you avoid some of the most common money mistakes that many people make.  One such mistake is failing to create a realistic budget.  Write down how much money you earn each pay period, and then write down the average amount you pay on expenses such as utilities, cable, clothing, groceries, and home maintenance.  If necessary, slash anything that is unnecessary to spend money on. Here are other money mistakes to avoid.

Buying A Home You Can't Afford

A common money mistake is buying a home that you can't afford.  Maybe the lender approved you for a $400,000 home but you're not thinking about the possibility of a job loss, medical emergency, or death of a spouse that could affect your ability to pay the mortgage each month.  It is better to purchase a home for a price that is below what the lender approves you for.  Start an emergency fund that will help you pay on the mortgage and other household expenses in the event of tough financial times.

Being Overly Conservative with Investing

This is a mistake that could hurt your retirement and other long-term savings goals.  Maybe you have more investments in bonds than stocks, or you're investing mainly in individual stocks but not enough ETFs.  Or it could be that your focus is primarily the stock market and you're not seeking other ways to invest such as crowdfunding, starting an online business, or using a certificate of deposit.  You want to invest in a variety of things and on a regular basis.

Using Credit Cards for Everyday Use

Credit cards are great for buying plane tickets, amazing holiday gifts, or experiences that you'll only get to have once or twice.  On the other hand, you shouldn't use credit cards for everyday purchases.  Some studies have shown that people might spend more when using a credit card, and the debt increases quickly.  Instead of credit cards, use cash or a debit card for household expenses.

Ignoring Insurance

Whether it's life, car, or health insurance, you shouldn't make the mistake of ignoring the need for insurance.  If you have a certain long-term medical condition that requires a lot of medical care, you want adequate insurance to cover the expenses.  If you have dependents on your income, life insurance can assist them financially should you pass away.   Shop around for the company that will offer the best rates and benefits for your needs.

Lack of Retirement Savings

Many millennials either have just turned 40 or will turn 40 in a few years.  A common mistake that they make is not having enough retirement savings.  One thing you can do is automate your contributions to your retirement account, and this ensures that you have a steady stream of funds coming into your retirement account.

Not Paying Off Debt

Debt is a huge prison that will enslave you for years to come.  When you don't plan to get out of debt, you're more stressed about your finances and it is harder to obtain credit for long-term financial goals such as a new home or business.  You want to start by obtaining credit reports from the bureaus Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.  Contact your creditors and come up with feasible payment plans that would work for you.

In conclusion, these mistakes can hinder you from establishing financial stability for years to come.

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