7 Sensational and Profitable Hobbies for Making Money in 2021

There's an old saying that's attributed to famed American author Mark Twain when he said, "Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life." That's perhaps the best reason to turn a favorite hobby into a profitable business.  In this light, here are seven hobbies for making money, especially in 2021 when many of us are facing uncertainties in the workplace.

1. Writing

Just like Twain, if you have a talent for writing, many authors are turning this passion into turning a profit. There's not much in the way of overhead since most freelance writers only require an electronic device and connection to the internet. There are plenty of websites and other platforms that pay for original content. Even those without writing credentials or experience are making bank with their submissions.

2. Illustration and Graphic Design

Similar to writing, those with an artistic eye are making money without a great deal of overhead involved. Platforms like Fiverr that connect freelancers with paying clients are always looking for those working in the design industry. Some of the most popular searches include web and logo designs along with illustrations for venues like books or other types of content that need original images added.

3. Music

According to Shopify, there are several ways to make money with music. For example, third-party sites like Airbit and BeatStars paid out $32 million and an estimated $40 million to their artists respectively in 2019. There's also the traditional approach of recording songs or albums and selling them on platforms like SoundCloud.

4. Photography

Most professional photographers make money by taking pictures at special events like weddings. However, when there are no gatherings, many picture-takers turn to other creative ways to make a buck by snapping shots. Other options include selling original photographs as stock photos or prints, shooting family portraits, and growing a following on social sites like Instagram and monetizing these images.

5. Crafts

Another venue that's great for those who like to work with their hands is arts and crafts with an eye for creativity. There's a long list of homemade items that are selling like wildfire including candles, bath bombs, soap, jewelry, and many more. The word "handmade" communicates a certain level of quality, care, and uniqueness that retail stores just don't offer customers. Start by selling to friends and family, or on Etsy to test the waters to see what consumers want and how much they're willing to spend.

6. Cooking

Whether it's family-favorite recipes or just a knack for making new creations in the kitchen, budding chefs are making bucks with their passion for cooking. In one case, a mother and daughter duo turned their healthy snacks into a thriving business called Bobo's Oat Bars selling to retail stores and from their website. Other ways foodies are finding a marketplace is by starting a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account, or diving into the thriving food truck business.

7. Gardening

People with a green thumb often turn their love of gardening into more money in their bank account by selling their wares. For example, Leaf & Clay sell their succulents, either for a one-time purchase or on a subscription basis. People are also selling products that help consumers indulge in their gardening hobby from seeds to tools and more. In another case, relative newcomer ēdn introduced an indoor garden to their product line that uses today's technology to grow smaller and heartier gardens indoors.

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