Five Simple Steps to Make Your Dreams Come True

As we settle into the new year, many people have begun to plan and dream about their future and what they can do to reach their goals. Before we get into how to make your dreams a reality, it is important to understand that regardless of your age, financial situation, or anything society might consider a "barrier"-- achieving your dreams is still very much possible. It's helpful to view the following steps as helpful guides to perceive things openly and willingly.


This is where a lot of us get stuck-- sometimes we dream of a better job or living in another city, yet we can't make up our minds on what we want or where. The easiest way to decide is to make a list of your priorities. Whether you want a better paying job, a job in a new location, or a job that has more flexibility, etc., rate your preferences in order of importance. If a better paying job is crucial to your overall happiness-- get to work and apply! Reach for the stars and all of your other preferences may just fall into place.

Set Your Intentions

Whether it's for the year, week, or day-- set an intention, or mindset, on how you want to be living. Aligning your desires with your thoughts and attitude is the first thing we should all be doing as we wake up each morning. If you scroll through social media and find something that triggers a negative thought, chances are you have just set yourself up for a day full of let-downs. Try it out by setting your intentions to having a mindful morning every day this week. Do this by taking in the morning sun as you sit quietly and enjoy every single sip of your coffee. Tell yourself you will have a wonderful day and live it.

Reroute All Negative Thoughts

Along with intention setting, it is crucial to understand that negative thoughts turn into negative expectations and encounters. Creating a habit out of positive thinking will train your brain to perceive everything as good, allowing you to believe in your dreams and then having them become reality. There are even studies showing links between positive thinking and good health. Next time you find yourself getting annoyed because someone drank the last drop of coffee at work, grab the tea and give something new a chance.

Visualize and Believe

Many athletes attribute the power of visualization to their success. They envision themselves throwing a strike, making a touch-down, or getting first place in a race. By creating the scenario in their head, they allow themselves to feel, in every sense of the word, what it would be like to achieve their dream. Set aside 15 minutes each day to mediate and envision yourself accepting your dream job (or as you sip that delicious morning coffee); believe it and watch it all unfold.

Take Action

It's easy to daydream of these scenarios and develop an "if only" attitude; if only you had more money, were older or younger, etc. Eliminate these roadblocks and start making room for dreams. We can't expect to receive the things we want by sitting around and waiting. Are you wanting a better job? Revamp your resume, take free online classes to gain more skill sets, and start applying. Looking for a new house? Declutter everything in your home, get organized, and start making room for something better.

Prepare yourself mentally and physically, set your intentions, take action and expect to receive what you desire. Always remember, a positive mindset will guide you gracefully on the right path.

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