How to Celebrate Father's Day on a Budget

Your dad has always been there for you through the best and worst times. He taught you your main life skills such as walking, riding a bike, and how to cross busy streets safely. He gave loving discipline when you needed it, and he encouraged you to pursue a meaningful life as you became an adult. Now it's time to express your appreciation for him, and you can do it with fun and affordable Father's Day activities. Think about what your dad likes to do the most and use this as inspiration when planning activities. If he enjoys grilling in the yard, then host a barbecue for him where you and your siblings will grill the food. Here are more fun and budget-friendly Father's Day activities.

Host a Retro Dance Party

If your dad is over 40 or approaching that milestone, then host a retro dance party for him on Father's Day. Take your phone and create a playlist of your dad's favorite songs from his childhood and teenage years. Invite your dad's closest friends and extended family members over for the dance party. Serve your dad's favorite childhood meals and snacks. This is especially a neat idea if he has a birthday on Father's Day.

Family Road Trip

Instead of paying for pricey plane tickets to visit a popular destination, you and your dad can go on a road trip. Research nearby cities and find out their most popular venues and shops. Offer to pay for all of the things your dad wants to buy while you're on the trip. As you ride in the car, don't stare at your screens. Use this time to have meaningful conversations with your dad.  Ask him what went through his mind when preparing to marry your mother. Ask him about what life was like for him as a child. Get advice about an important decision you'll need to make soon.

Male Fashion Show

Call all of the men in your family and invite them to participate in a male fashion show along with your dad. The men can bring some of their best outfits and pretend to strut down the runway.  The basement or your backyard is a great place to host the fashion show. You can turn it into a contest and choose a winner for various categories of outfits. You might have a winner for sportswear and another winner for business casual outfits.

Take Him to A New Restaurant

If your dad likes a certain kind of food, look for a new restaurant that offers it and bring him there for Father's Day. Suggest some entrees for him but let him make the final choice. Get his opinions on what he thinks about the food and then discuss what you like about the experience overall. After dinner, you and your dad can go bike riding at the park.

Let Him Teach the Grandkids Life Skills

Usually, the dad is the one who teaches boys those all-important life skills that help them transition into adulthood.  But this Father's Day, bring your sons to your dad so that he can pass on his wisdom to his grandsons. Maybe he'll want to show your sons how to groom their faces, how to ride bikes, how to fix certain appliances when they break, and how to drive effectively if your sons have driver's licenses.

These activities will make this Father's Day memorable for everyone involved.

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