How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2020

Whether dealing with quarantine or new closures, how we celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2020 will be much different. COVID-19 may have caused a lot of disruption in our lives, but we can still find fun, safe ways to ring in the new year. Don’t forget the CDC recommends that home celebrations take place only with immediate family members. If you want to broaden the guest list, host your party outside, keeping social distance guidelines. Here are a few ideas.

Pajama Party

Remember when you were a kid, and you couldn’t wait to have your friends sleep over? Well, this year you can! Host a virtual pajama party. Send out the invitations now. Tell everyone to wear their most elegant or crazy PJs. Order pizza. Load up music tracks from your school days and take turns telling scary stories all night long.

Game Night

You can organize a night of board games with your family or virtually with your extended family and friends. Serve easy to make snacks and drinks and get ready to win. If it’s going to be a virtual game night, try Houseparty, Fibbage, Jackbox, or Drawful.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2020 in the Roarin’ 20s

Time travel to maybe the Roarin’ 20s. Decorate the table and room in Art Deco and ask everyone to dress up in their best flapper attire. Make a speakeasy in the kitchen and keep the alcohol there. Play jazzy music. Or if the 70s is more your style, make some spinning, silver balls to hang from the ceiling. Load up YouTube with the best disco mixes and dance the night away.

Travel Around the World

If you’re celebrating with family, ask each person to prepare a traditional dish from a foreign country. Set everything up buffet style. Put a country flag, photos, and some information about the food near to each serving dish. As you move around the buffet table, you travel around the world.

Scavenger Hunt

Everyone loves this game. You can play at home with your family or with your Zoom friends. You should plan the list of items to be found before game night. To make it more fun, after your list has been completed, you can open it up to guests to give each other an assignment.

Decorate in Style

Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020 at home with all the glitz and glamour you’re used to. String up high-tech lights that follow your music track. Buy hats that light up. If your New Year’s Eve is usually more elegant, bring out the white tablecloths. Cover your chairs with white fabric and put flowers on the table. Dim the lights, use candles and put on classical music. And don’t forget the champagne.

Watch the Virtual Ball Drop

This year, Times Square will not be jammed with revelers. The traditional ball drop is going virtual too. Download the Virtual Times Square app, which will be available on December 19, 2020. You can take a virtual tour of Times Square, take selfies using the app’s filters, and send them to all your friends and family. You’ll also be able to watch a live feed of the famous ball drop. If you’re Zooming, share your screen so that everyone can watch the ball fall at the same time.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020 Debt-Free

Before you start shopping for all the goodies you need for your New Year’s celebration, check your budget. How much disposable income do you have? Check around your home to see what you can use for decorations. Visit Pinterest DIY Boards to find ideas for decorations and food. Look for sales and buy everything in bulk.

The best way to start 2021 is without debt from the 2020 holidays.

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