Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer With These Cool Activities

Are you tired of the kids using their devices as a way to entertain themselves? Then don't worry because in this post we'll discuss some affordable summer activity ideas for them. One idea would be for everyone to grab their bikes and ride around neighborhoods you have never visited before. You'll find new parks, new affordable restaurants, or new retailers that sell fun stuff for the kids such as toys and sweet treats. Take plenty of pictures and place them in your photo album or scrapbook. Here are more fun summer activities for kids.

Neighborhood Pizza Party

Another idea would be to invite the neighbors' kids over to your home for a pizza party.  Instead of ordering pizzas, you and all of the kids can each make their own mini pizzas with creative and tasty toppings.  Put on some music and let the kids dance sing for hours after they finish eating the pizza. Serve some cool desserts such as ice cream, popsicles, or mini cheesecakes.

Weekend Fishing Trip

For all of the kids who are nature lovers, take them on a weekend fishing trip.  Instead of visiting the same areas for your fishing trips, research new areas where you can catch a lot of fish.  During the fishing trip, ask your kids meaningful questions about themselves because this leads to deep conversations that allow you to get to know your kids better.  Invite your kids to ask you questions and share as many details as you can.

Enroll Your Kids in Crafts Class

If your kids love to do arts and crafts, then enroll them in a low-cost arts and crafts class at a community center.  The kids can learn skills such as pottery making, sewing, graphic design, painting, and other types of crafts.  This helps them boost their creativity and it promotes fine motor skills. You can even participate in the classes along with the kids.

Host a Toy Sale

Since you know you're going to buy the kids new toys for Christmas, why not make room for them now by selling old toys that they don't like anymore?  Tell each child to give you the toys they don't want anymore, and then host a neighborhood toy sale in your garage.  A few weeks before the sale, put up some posters around the neighborhood on bright-colored poster boards.  You can use the profits from the sale to save up for Christmas presents.

Roller Skating at the Park

Another idea would be to have the kids go roller skating in the park.  This is a good way for the whole family to exercise together, and it helps everyone bond in a fun way.  Maybe you can race each other to see which person reaches a certain section of the park first.  You can sing upbeat songs while skating or tell clean but funny jokes to each other.

Board Game Night

Board games are great for teaching critical thinking and analytical skills in a fun way.  If you can't go outside because it's a rainy day, play board games together.  Some good games to get include Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble, and Pictionary.  Give the winners a few small prizes and prepare everyone's favorite snacks.

These tips can assist you in providing a fun summer for kids of all ages.

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