Ten Quick, Easy, and Affordable Last Minute Easter Ideas

Easter's all about spending time with family, friends, and making sure there are enough games and excitement for the little ones. Through fun activities, games, and family time, lifelong memories are created. It is the perfect holiday that allows everyone to gather outside in the fresh spring air. Here are ten, new activities to start this Easter that won't take long to prepare.

Letter in an Egg

Have everyone (including adults) write a letter to their future self, or even to each other, about where they hope to be next Easter. Whether it's writing down what they are grateful for, what they are feeling, or even specific goals-- have fun with it! Be sure to put them away somewhere safe until next spring rolls around.

Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Hunt

Glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs are perfect for a night hunt in the backyard. A fun spin on Easter egg hunts: have the kids hide and adults do the searching.

Bake Treats for the Easter Bunny

Much like we do for Santa and his reindeer, the Easter bunny would love to munch on treats, too. These Peep rice crispy treats are festive and easy to make using Peeps for the marshmallows instead of the traditional way. Really any recipe containing marshmallows would work, even S'mores. Leave them out at night for the bunny to enjoy.

Burlap Sack Race

Get into the Easter spirit by having the kiddos pretend they are bunnies and have a burlap sack race. You can purchase them here and grab some jumbo white pom poms to glue on as a makeshift tail.

Easter Bunny Themed Breakfast

Make your traditional circle pancakes into a bunny (one large flapjack for the body, a smaller one for the head, and two tiny ones for the feet). You'll need to also create ear-shaped ovals, like this, for the ears. Top it off with a spray of whipped cream for the fluffy tail. If you have a griddle, try putting the pancake mix into a squeeze bottle or piping tube and draw the bunny yourself. Get creative by adding food coloring into the mix.

Make Easter Basket for Neighbors

Whether you go all out and put all kinds of goodies inside a basket or bake these delicious Easter egg sugar cookies, your neighbors will appreciate the thoughtful gift. Have fun decorating them in all sorts of colorful Easter patterns.

Visit a Farm

Check with your local farms or city Facebook page for events put on during Easter. Much like fall and pumpkin patches, a lot of farms will host Easter gatherings, providing a petting zoo, Easter egg hunt, and other fun activities for the family. 

Plant Flowers

Spring is the perfect time to plant flowers. Start a garden with the kids, so they can learn about different plants and how to take care of them. Visiting your local garden shop is a joyful experience for them as well, as they pick out their own flowers. Perhaps even consider gifting one of these festive spring bouquets. 

Send Easter Cards

Get crafty and make your own Easter cards to send out to family and friends. A handwritten note is always a special touch, sure to make the recipient smile. 

Have a Picnic

As winter comes to an end, everyone is always itching to get outside. Pack your favorite lunch and spend time with family by heading to the park for a perfect little picnic. 

We hope you get to enjoy family time this Easter and give yourself and the kids a much-needed break from school and work. Plan one (or better yet, all) of these Easter activities to keep the kids busy.  

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