Top 3 Tips on Inexpensive Home Office Essentials for Rocking Remote Jobs and Distance Learning Dilemmas

To say that 2020 has been challenging is an understatement at best. However, one of the more positive (or negative) things coming from this unusual year is more people are working remotely from home and many students are distance learning. These online platforms save cash on things like fuel costs when commuting or traveling to and from onsite schools.

To save even more money being a telecommuter or distance learner, check out some of these inexpensive home essentials for these remote situations and alternatives: 

A Dedicated Work or Learning Station

There's no need to purchase a great deal of pricey office furniture, desks, chairs, or other accessories to have a decent, dedicated work or learning station. However, it is still vital to have a place that's meant specifically for working or learning (or a combination of the two.) It could be a table in a spare room, a corner of a common living area, an area in a spare room, along with a surface for equipment, tools, and supplies.

A Source for Inexpensive Supplies

Big brand box stores like Office Depot/Max and Staples are great resources for purchasing working and learning supplies at affordable prices. But they aren't the only choices for today's consumers looking to save some cash. For common necessities like paper, pencils, and pens, consider dollars stores when shopping for these products.

Paper is paper, a pencil is a pencil, etc. There's really no need to buy big brand name items for these common essentials. Bargains at just a buck a shot are a great option for getting short- or long-term storage solutions in the way of folders, boxes, and bins instead of buying more pricey filing cabinets.

A More Powerful and Stable Internet Connection

Both homeschooling and telecommuting often mean these remote users need a more powerful, stable, and trustworthy connection to the internet. It also needs to be both reliable and fast. Often cable customers turn to their ISP (Internet Service Provider) and pay extra for stronger and faster ways to boost their internet strength and service. There are other, less expensive options available. For example, check out these two connective ways to boost your internet power without adding more to your monthly cable bill:

  1. Ensure the cable router is as near to the dedicated work or learning station as possible. The closer the two of them are, the more stable and reliable the connection will be especially if it's wireless. Consider relocating the router if it's in a remote area of the home like a back bedroom.
  2. Another way to boost the bang of an existing internet connection is to purchase an inexpensive USB to USB cable that will link the two together with a hard-core connection. It doesn't need the permanent placement of a 15 to 20' cable that's left lying around to be tripped over. It can be utilized only when it's necessary to be connected to the device and offers a more solid, stable, and reliable connection.

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