How to Stay Motivated to Slay Your Retirement Goals

So, you're a few years away from retirement, but sometimes the motivation isn't there. You're thinking more about how you're going to feed your family and bring more income to the household. Remember that saving for retirement is more like a marathon rather than a sprint, and even if you save just a few hundred dollars a year, you’re making progress. When you feel less motivated to save for retirement, think about why you're doing this. Is it because you want to retire early and pursue personal projects?Is it because you want to be more available to your elderly parents? Let those motives drive your desire to boost your retirement savings. Here are other ways to stay motivated in slaying your retirement goals.

Dream Bigger

Set some big goals for how you want to live after retirement. Go beyond the desire to travel or volunteer more of your time. Maybe you can even start a charitable trust for special needs families who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Other big goals to inspire you are:

  • Fund your children and future grandchildren's college savings and entrepreneurial goals
  • Starting a profitable home-based business that sells your handmade crafts
  • Purchasing rental properties and providing affordable housing for your community
  • Having a debt-free retirement

Listen to Stories From Retirees

Watch a few online videos and listen to podcasts from content creators who retired successfully.  Listen to what motivated them to plan for retirement and how they succeeded. Read blog posts by those who retired at various ages. When you hear about the success of other retirees, you might be more motivated to keep going.

Celebrate Your Progress So Far

It's easy to feel bad about not meeting your retirement savings goals, but why not focus on how well you've done so far? If you see that you saved over $10,000 in your retirement account, be glad that at least you have some savings in it. Tell yourself that this progress is better than when you had no savings at all. Use this progress as motivation to save even more money.

Take A Social Media Break

Social media not only suck up our time, but they also cause us to compare our lives unfairly with others. Don't get caught up in the lives of influencers who accumulated wealth and who reached retirement faster than you did. Remember that retirement looks different for everyone. Take a break from social media if it's overwhelming you too much.

Think About The Consequences of Not Saving

Think about what might happen if you don't have adequate retirement savings. You will have to rely mainly on Social Security benefits, and this might not be enough to live on. You might leave a greater financial burden on your adult children to care for you as you age. In addition, your healthcare expenses can increase quickly even with Medicare benefits.

If you struggle with motivation to save for retirement, use these tips to help you stay on track.