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Credit Card Modification

In a Credit Card Modification program, skilled debt negotiators work directly with your creditors to explain your hardship, and agree on a negotiated settlement of your debt that is lower than the current amount owed. In a Credit Card Modification Program, you will be working with a firm that will represent your interests and works to resolve your debts in a way that delivers both monthly payment relief and a reduction in the principal amount owed to your creditors.

In a Credit Card Modification Program, you will need to save funds that will be used to pay your creditors once a resolution of your debt has been reached. Each month, you will make a savings deposit in an FDIC insured special purpose savings account that is controlled by you. Adding new debt each month, as you pay older debt off, will result in little or no real progress.

Under a Credit Card Modification Program, you must be able to demonstrate a legitimate hardship, such as the loss or reduction of income, death of a spouse, divorce or medical issue. While a Credit Card Modification Program can be an effective strategy to reduce your debt and pay off your creditors in a much shorter period of time, the program is not suited for everyone. Call us today and let us explain this program in greater detail. We can also provide you with a FREE financial analysis and design a customized debt relief program to fit your specific needs and goals and refer you to a company that can assist you this type of debt relief program. When using any debt reduction strategy you must stop charging. Adding new debt each month, as you pay debt off, will result in little or no real progress. Living under your means is essential for success.


  • Budget Based Approach To Calculating The Monthly Program Payment
  • New Monthly Payment Is Usually Lower Than All Credit Card Minimum Payments
  • Successful Modification Agreements Reduce The Amount Of Principal, Interest and Penalties Paid Back
  • No Requirement To Enroll All Credit Cards
  • Typical Program Length Is 2-4 Years, Much Shorter Than Just Making Minimum Payments


  • Will Likely Have A Negative Impact To Your Credit Score In The Short Term
  • Some Creditors May Not Agree To Reduce The Amount Owed
  • You Must Be Able To Document A Financial Hardship Such As A Divorce, Reduced Income, Lost Job Or Medical Bills
  • You Must Be Able To Document Some Income In Order To Make Monthly Savings Deposits In Order To Satisfy Future Repayment Agreements
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