Our Team

At Strategic Consulting, our team's commitment is to your financial well-being.

11+ years of experience, dedicated to serving you

Strategic Consulting is a financial services company that for 11+ years has been working with clients to help them reach their personal goals and achieve financial stability. Our highly-trained consultants work tirelessly to help our clients understand and take control of their financial future.

We pride ourselves on providing free, transparent consultations that offer both sensitivity and knowledge, meeting our clients where they stand and educating them about what options are available to them.

You can also learn more about debt, credit, and debt management here and then call us for your own free consultation with a Strategic Consulting representative, who will connect you with solutions that work for you.

Our parent company, Strategic Financial Solutions, operates a range of brands that provide effective solutions for the financial needs that arise throughout our customers' lives. Strategic Financial Solutions has been in business 14+ years and is consistently rated a "Top Place to Work".

Our team is motivated by YOUR success:

  • Alex Race,
    Strategic Consulting

    I have never worked for an organization so dedicated to taking care of their clients. Integrity and empathy are so important in the financial industry and I am proud to work for a company that goes the extra mile to ensure we meet those standards for our clients.

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  • Peter Dayton,
    Strategic Consulting

    I have worked here for 4 years and I find so much satisfaction helping my clients achieve their financial goals by putting together an action plan to work towards financial freedom.

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